Yes we can. We are inspected by the ministry of education and can grant the OSSD. We are operating under the Ministry Identification number of 884643. Our credits will be recognized by all Universities and Colleges.
From the time of registration a student has 12 months to complete the course. Extensions are possible but will cost additional tuition fees.
Please see our Admissions page for information on how to register.
We aim for 48 hours not including weekends. However, large assignments can take longer so this is not set in stone.
As quickly as they would like. Realistically the quickest timeline is probably 2 months if a student is willing to work very hard.
Our teachers are committed to working with students throughout each week. However, there are students who just need the extra support. We offer the option of paying for extra one-on-one time with your teacher in order to ensure student success. Contact our office for details.
All of our software runs in the cloud. The exact specifications of the device you use to access it has become less important.

You will need:
  • To be able to run a modern, up to date, web-browser: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc…
  • Have reliable, high speed internet minimum 3 Mbps upload and download.
  • A good microphone and audio setup for video conferences. Headsets are highly recommended.
  • A way to scan or take pictures of documents and upload them.
  • A Printer for printing the assignments and tasks that are to be done off-line.
Full Service experience - Our students are able to login and access all of the course content at any time. This content is available in video and text based format to allow the student to work at their own pace. Our teachers take care of all of the assessment and feedback for all of the work students do. Contact with teachers is a key part of the student learning process. While our teachers are available via email the most powerful and important part of the Full Service experience is that our teachers will connect with students in video conferences throughout the week. They will have set Office Hours where they are working with students one on one and in small groups.

Basic Service - is similar, but does not include the video conferencing connection to the teacher. All contact is text based. For students who have extensive experience with online courses this can be a good learning format. However, we rarely allow first time students to enroll in a Basic service course with us.
You can enrol at anytime and you will have 12 months to complete a course.
A course can begin whenever you want to begin. However, make sure to register early enough to ensure that we are able to have a teacher and course ready for you. We recommend that you register at least 3 weeks in advance of your target start date.
The proctor cannot be a relative, friend, roommate, employee, co-worker, neighbour, supervisor nor otherwise have a close relationship with the examinee. A teacher who is currently teaching the examinee is acceptable.

For full details on who can proctor tests and exams please review Policy For Proctoring Exams.
Upon your request, we will contact OUAC, OCAS, and any other post-secondary institutions.