Supporting Students with IEP’s and Special Needs

Learning new concepts can be difficult for any student, but there are some unique challenges for those diagnosed with a learning disability. However, there are many opportunities for students of all abilities to excel on their academic journey.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or is a struggling learner, it’s natural to feel uncertain about their future. Some learning challenges are not as obvious as others, so students may suffer in silence and become lost in a traditional classroom. With the right tools and environment, students with various learning abilities can experience academic success. Making educational accommodations for students with special needs is essential to maximizing their learning potential.

Here are some common examples of accommodations:
  • Providing extra time for tasks
  • Simplifying and/or re-phrasing instructions
  • Answer questions orally (scribing when needed)
  • Frequent breaks throughout the day

At Nimbus Christian Education, we understand the importance of giving each student an opportunity to thrive academically, including those with special needs. Our team can provide accommodations based on the individual needs of students. We have experience with supporting students that have Individual Education Plans (IEPs); and, we work with families to make sure these plans are effectively implemented. If you plan to transition your child back into the school system in the future, having an IEP will be beneficial in that process and give you access to additional resources. If you continue homeschooling, a progressive IEP can still help your child achieve monumental goals throughout their academic career.

Nimbus Christian Education uses the following accommodations to assist students:
  • SIZE: Adapt the number of items that the student is expected to learn or complete
  • TIME: Adapt the time allotted and allowed for learning, task completion, or testing
  • LEVEL OF SUPPORT: Personal assistance specific to each student
  • OUTPUT: Adapt how the student can respond to instruction

Although we do not make modifications to the curriculum, our team of educators will ensure your child’s IEP is strategic and progressive. With the right tools and support, we know that students of all abilities are capable of learning and excelling. That’s why we want to partner with you to support your family on this academic journey.

To learn more about Nimbus Christian Education and how we can help students with special needs, send an email to: